Spicy Images 1.0

Spice up your workflow with this powerful tool for advanced local & global contrast enhancement, that will make your images POP and help you produce truly breathtaking pictures. For Adobe Photoshop CS5 - CC2015.
DR3 Portrait Retouching Panel for Photosop CS6 and CC 2014

Delicious Retouch 3.0

The all-new DR3 extension panel for Adobe Photoshop CS6 - CC 2015 is a set of easy-to-use tools designed to help photographers speed up their portrait, beauty and fashion retouching workflow.
Photoshop panel for Dodging and Burning technique

Dodge & Burn Panel

Get all you need for "dodging and burning" technique right there in this handy, cool-looking panel for Adobe Photoshop CS6, CC 2014 & CC 2015.
Add Batch Watermark Photoshop Extension

Chef’s Watermarks

Extension for Adobe Photoshp CS6 and CC 2014 that allows you to save and add watermarks to photos in Photoshop, or batch process folder of images. Adds watermarks perfectly, regardless of image size and orientation.