Chef’s Watermarks

Extension for Adobe Photoshp CS6 and CC 2014 that allows you to save and add watermarks to photos in Photoshop, or batch process folder of images. Adds watermarks perfectly, regardless of image size and orientation.

Add watermark to photos in Photoshop with ease

Batch image watermarking extension for Adobe Photoshop CS6 & CC 2014.

Save settings for specific watermarks easily using a live-preview settings panel.

Powered by clever scripts, it works with images of any size and orientation.

Add your watermark to active document, all opened documents or process folder of images.

How it works?

1.: Create your watermark and save on your hard drive. It can be .png or .jpeg image.

2.: Save settings for your watermark using the setup panel. You can set everything – size, alignment, margins, opacity and blending mode. It’s super easy to do, just pressing buttons, and you see actual watermark placement while doing it. In unlimited version, you can save as many different settings and watermarks as you need.

3.: Done! Now you can add your watermark to photos anytime you need. Just select one of saved watermarks and choose whether you want to add it to current document, all opened, or batch process folder of images.


  • Supports .jpeg and .png watermarks and most photo and camera raw formats.
  • You can add watermark to current document, all opened documents, or batch process folder of photos.
  • Batch watermarking with a lot of options, including image resizing and renaming.
  • It doesn’t matter what size and orientation images are, watermark size and position are calculated from image dimentsions.

  • Free Version
  • € 0
  • Set up and save one watermark.
  • For Photoshop CS6 & CC2014
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  • Unlimited Version
  • € 9
  • Set up and save unlimited watermarks.
  • For Photoshop CS6 & CC2014
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9 Euros is final price including taxes. On purchases in other currencies will be applied current conversion rate. Within single license, you can use the product on three computers for personal or professional use. If the product is to be used commercially, you must purchase a license for each employee.