Spicy Images 1.0

Spice up your workflow with this powerful tool for advanced local & global contrast enhancement, that will make your images POP and help you produce truly breathtaking pictures. For Adobe Photoshop CS5 - CC2015.


Contrast and clarity enhancment tool

Have a photo that lacks contrast or depth? The Spicy Images 1.0 is a script for Adobe Photoshop that uses intelligent local and global contrast enhancement methods to give your images crisp details and make them come alive.

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Advanced local contrast enhancements

Intelligent image sharpening algorhythms behind the sliders makes Spicy Images an exceptional tool for photo detail/clarity enhancement.

Easy shadows & highlights adjustment

Fine-tune image global contrast easily by adjusting shadow, highlight and midpoint controls.

Smarter color intensity control

The color control slider will give you definitely better results than Photoshop’s saturation/vibrance adjustments.

3 detail enhancement filters

There are three different detail enhancement alghorytms you can choose from

spicy images multi frequency

Multi Frequency

The multi freuency sharpening filter decompose image into five separate frequencies that can be boosted individually, giving you ultimate control over the result.

spicy images multi frequency

Smart Contrast

Smart contrast filter with it’s edge treshold slider allows you to protect hard edges and only shrpen surfaces, so you can avoid ugly “halo” effect on edges.

spicy images multi frequency

High Pass

Great for subtle detail enhancement and micro detail sharpening, and it’s much faster to process.

Less edge halos

Smart sharpening alghorytm significantly reduces oversharpening and ugly halo effect on edges.

Spicy Images - Edge Halos Photoshop

Save presets

You can save your favourite settings as presets and apply them quickly. To ensure your settings will will look same good on all images, the radius settings are not saved as absolute values, but relative to image size.

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